Student Educational Portfolio

Students will individualize and personalize their educations. A website will be created for each student that would be added to and modified as they grew. It would provide a place for them to create and store an educational portfolio. Students, teachers, and other stakeholders could see personal educational growth and create a record of learning. It would provide them with a real-life experience within the educational setting. The site would become increasing complex as students (through scaffolding) learned to create and modify their own pages. Sites would be updated at least four times per year (throughout the students’ educational careers). Entries would be monitored by teachers so that personal identifying information would not be published. Internet safety instruction, of course, would be a part of the ongoing project and knowledge developed as students grew older. As students branched out in middle school and high school, pages would be added (e.g. band/chorus/music, foreign languages). Because the portfolios are online, they could follow students where ever they moved.

Presently, there are several sites that provide free website creation; for example, Yola is very simple and user-friendly.

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